Privacy policy

Simple Version

This site is run by YoQuieroSaber.

We make the following promises about your personal information as a user of the site:

  • We will not sell or distribute your email address or other personal information.
  • We will gladly show you the personal data we store about you in order to run the website.

We may use your email address to contact you about your use of the site if it's problematic (or particularly helpful!), or with occasional announcements about YoQuieroSaber Investigacion and other YoQuieroSaber projects.


As well as your login details, we store your IP address along with any changes you make to the data on the site. All this information is accessible to administrators of the site.

Please note that this policy refers to the personal information arising from creating a login on the site, not the personal information about candidates for elections - the reason for the site to exist is to make information about those candidates available to members of the public and website developers so that they can find out more about those candidates, their promises and policy positions.

We also use Google Analytics to aggregate and track data about usage of the site; you can use a browser plugin to opt out of having data collected by Google Analytics.